Person In Custody In Bustleton Ave. Target Shooting

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A person is in custody following Friday night’s shooting in a Target parking lot in Northeast Philadelphia.

Police say a person of interest turned themselves in Friday night, no arrests or charges have been announced.

Police: Suspect Wanted After Man Is Shot In Target Parking Lot

The store on the 7400 block of Bustleton Avenue was put in lock-down mode during the incident, shoppers quickly hid after hearing the gunfire.

The victim is currently in stable condition.

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Camden Ministry Makes Care Packages For City’s Homeless

CAMDEN, NJ (CBS) — Filled with snacks and hygiene products, more than 100 bags going out Sunday to the homeless in Camden were decorated with inspirational words by local kids.

“It says ‘write your own script’,” says 14-year-old Ty-Asia Brooks holding up a bag she decorated.

She and the rest of the kids who wrote these encouraging words share a common, tragic thread – each lost loved ones to violence.

“In 2011 I lost my cousin, he was like my father figure and it hurt me real bad and I just didn’t know how to deal with it,” says Brooks.

What they needed was a safe place to heal, and they found it at Saving Grace Ministry on Spruce Street in Camden.

The support group was founded by Nyzia Easterling, who lost her first husband to gun violence in Camden.

“He was shot 18 times,” she recalled Saturday, “at the time we were raising one child.”

Over the last seven years, Saving Grace has helped more than 400 children who lost family members to violence.

They offer mentorship, tutoring, counseling, and, most importantly, hope for a better tomorrow.

“If kids are not reached then the violence continues. If you don’t go after the teenagers angry about their fathers being murdered and their friends being murdered, then they become the next murderer,” explains Easterling.

Easterling says while hurt people often hurt others, healed people can do great work healing others.

Sunday they’ll have a Saving Grace “Amazing Race” doing good deeds throughout Camden, including giving school supplies to kids and care packages to the homeless.

“We pour into them and we always tell them to pour into others,” says Easterling.

The Amazing Race is open to anyone who wants to volunteer, meet at 426 Spruce Street on Sunday 8/13 at 9 A.M.

After the Race there will be a community fun day with food, games, and giveaways from 12 P.M.-5 P.M. at the same location.

For more information visit

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Center City Vigil Leads To March On Vine Street Expressway

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Protesters gathered at City Hall Saturday night, holding a vigil for the three victims in Charlottesville, Virginia.

The protest was organized by the group Philly Socialists.

The group reportedly left City Hall around 8 P.M. and started marching down the Vine Street Expressway from Broad Street, heading eastbound.

No injuries or arrests were reported.

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Unique Beer Event Serves Crafts At Historic West Philly Cemetery

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Cemeteries and beer are two things you normally don’t associate with each other. But that’s not the case in West Philadelphia this weekend.

Beer Mansion travels all around the world. It’s latest stop: at Woodlands Mansion and Cemetery.

“This is probably, I have to say, one of the coolest things we’ve done,” says Gabe Barry with Brooklyn Brewery. “I mean, we’re in a cemetery throwing a crazy party.”

Brooklyn Brewery organizes Beer Mansion, whose last two stops were in Paris and London. Barry says they are always looking for unique venues to host.

“We have the privilege of being the people that get to take the beer industry as we know it today and flip it upside down,” he said.

Before arriving at the Woodlands Mansion, attendees walk up the long path through cemetery.

“Before you even get here you know it’s going to be a fun event,” says Greg Kubicek. “It’s a unique event and a fun venue with good beer and good people. How often do you get to drink beer a cemetery?!”

He was there with Annie Martinez who loved the variety of drinks and activities.

“We were making color coasters inside and there’s a limbo thing and a good band, and that does separate it from some of the other events we’ve been to that just focus on drinking,” she says.

As for being in a cemetery for this event

“As the suns going down it’s getting a little creepy,” she adds.

Beer Mansion is broken up into different sections based on flavor. Some include include The Forest, The Darkness, and Tart of the Tropics.

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Bug Fest Crawls Into Academy Of Natural Sciences

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Some see them as creepy. Others find them intriguing.

But if you consider yourself a bug lover, the Academy of Natural Sciences is the place to be this weekend.

Bug Fest features everything from cockroaches to praying mantises to centipedes. At Samantha Gravarz’s table:

“These are all our predator arachnids and insects, so we have our rose haired tarantulas, so you know most people are afraid of tarantulas and spiders and things. We want to show people these things are not trying to hurt you,” she said.

Then over in Tracey Brooks’ are:

“A variety of different beetles throughout the world,” she explains. “We have some here that are from Indonesia, Malaysia, and one from Thailand on the table as well. We even have some dung beetles added into the mix.”

Eight-year-old Grace had one word to describe what it was like to touch one:


10-year-old Terrance was a little more receptive.

“I touched the millipede. Felt like a fish. It was scaly.”

He enjoyed the hands-on part of the festival, and learned a few things too.

“Scorpions, the smaller they are, the more venomous they are, but the bigger they are, they aren’t really that dangerous,” he says.

Other highlights of the event include the Roach Race, Live Invertebrate Shows, and even a “Bug Appetite” area.

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Analysis: Key State Senator Shocked, Shocked That There Is Illegal Gaming In PA Taverns

HARRISBURG, PA (CBS) — As the state Senate and House remain bogged down over the latter’s desire to legalize slot machine-like video gaming terminals in Pennsylvania, a key state Senator has taken a curious tack in the debate over allowing so-called VGT’s in liquor licensed establishments.

Supporters of legalizing and taxing VGTs say that one reason to do it is that they are already operating illegally.

Proponents have made that argument about illegal gaming in bars for years. But Bucks County Republican Chuck McIlhinney, who chairs a Senate committee that vets such issues, put out a press release suggesting that it’s news to him.

Citing a recent opinion article by a House member, McIlinney thanked the House for bringing the issue to light.

The Senator says hearings must be held on this “scourge of illegal VGT’s” before making them legal can be considered.

Neither McIlinney nor a spokesman for House Republican leaders was available to be interviewed.

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Mural Arts Program Looking For Local Artists For Ben Franklin Bridge Murals

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The Mural Arts Program is partnering with the Delaware River Port Authority to create two murals on a portion of the Ben Franklin Bridge, and they’re looking for local artists to complete the project.

The murals will further spruce up the pedestrian underpass at 5th Street in Philadelphia that recently got a makeover with new lighting and a bike lane.

Artists have until September 5th to submit their ideas for the murals that will each span 1000 square feet.

Designs should reflect the mission of the DRPA and the value of the transportation, innovation, and community.

The selected artist will be notified in February 2018, and the mural is expected to be completed next summer.

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